Alexander Lamont

English designer, Alexander Lamont makes powerfully tactile and organic furniture, lighting, wall coverings and accessories. His designs are rooted in touch.


Working with luxurious materials such as shagreen, straw marquetry, lacquer, bronze, gesso and parchment, Alexander Lamont aims to underscore what is special, rare and precious about each one of his creations. Inspiration for the designer comes from many sources: from an object of the past, from nature, from architecture, sculpture and jewelry, from the materials themselves. Lamont adds,"I do not sit down to design products. Ideas emerge from the meeting of my experiences and the materials themselves."


The work of artisans forms an integral part of each one of Alexander Lamont’s designs. With the design studio located above the workshops, Alexander has daily contact with the artisans, and the designs emerge from an ongoing dialogue between designer and artisan in the exploration and innovation of materials.