Christophe Delcourt

Christophe Delcourt appeared for the first time on the French furniture scene at the end of the 1990s. A strong apparition for more than one reason, perfectly self-taught. He is a designer, manufacturer and editor.

christophe delcourt by COLLECTIONAL dubai

His pieces evoke the perfect balance between the purity of a drawing, the beauty of a material and the extreme care in production—Christophe Delcourt style and is where it finds its full expression. Thus, esteemed for his on-trend, understated elegance, and his exceptional sensitivity to materials and colours

banquette gum delcourt by COLLECTIONAL-dubai

His extreme focus on materials and the sartorial attention he paid to every structural detail, visible throughout all the production phases of his seats and furniture, makes him stood out immediately. His close encounters with various artisans, including a blacksmith and a cabinet-maker helped him consolidate his skills as designer and maker, in a constant pursuit of perfection, and driven by a strong propensity for experimenting with textures.