George Geara is a Lebanese designer based in Beirut.

After pursuing his masters in Architecture and Industrial Design in Beirut and Madrid, he returned to Beirut to implement his own philosophy by enhancing the perception of the local trades and manufacturers and pushing them to a higher level of expertise and achieve high standards of furniture production.

George Geara by Collectional Dubai

His work spans scale and discipline: from the product, and furniture design to art pieces. With a passion about research and experimentation, the designer believes in constant innovation and simplicity, where feelings unify the form and the function with emotional resonance.

Georfe Geara by Collectional Dubai

‏ While respecting the classic aspects of design, he works on applying modern materials, advanced engineering, and master craftsmanship, so the new pieces are conceived with a sense of timelessness and current trends with the highest possible quality.

A beautiful dialogue of materials, trends, and craftsmanship.

The “Amalgam collection” is a curious blend of the traditional and the modern in a very aesthetic and functional way, it is a dialogue of materials, trends and craftsmanship.

George Geara by Collectional Dubai

For a long time, furniture production has relied heavily on manual processes, but in today’s world and responding to the high demand of the society, the machinery became a handful tool to the makers.

We feel a sense of responsibility to keep our Artisans motivated and echoing their skills through our new creations.
In this collection we are emphasizing the importance of the two sides (Artisans\Machinery) and how they meet and complete each other in creating a new product.

George Geara by Collectiona Dubai

“The amalgam collection” is the meeting of the modern, industrial world with the artisanal craftsmanship one.