Kameh’s objects of design are centered around nature and the human self. Not the singular mortal designer behind them. This is why Kameh is masked to conceal their identity and more importantly preserve their privacy and maintain focus on the pieces. Kameh wants viewers to enjoy the products and not be concerned about the face behind them. Kameh is the designer, yes, but also the brand, the pieces, and the story.

KAMEH by Collectional Dubai

KAMEH designs are crafted by techniques and multiple layers of materials representing the human self. The metal construction of the frame as bones and physical body, the softness of foam that fills the inside core of the piece represents human emotions, and the hard cement covering the structure is the protective instinct guard we create to shield from the harshness of the world. It appears on the pristine white surface as though there is purity and calm, there is a simplicity to admire, and when taking a deeper look at the underside of the table and bench, there is a harsh contrast between the rough and imperfect body.

In today’s fiercely competitive, busy world, privacy is an instinctive need and an elusive desirable luxury. Luxury is no longer defined only by rare materials and exquisite craftsmanship, privacy is today’s true essential scarcest luxury. Privacy indeed is a necessary basis and foundation for a healthy, vibrant, optimally functioning society. Privacy shields us by providing freedom, choice, and true independence  — freedom from scrutiny, prejudice, pressure to conform, and judgment.  This is the shield of the art of Kameh, you are not permitted to discern features that would betray identity, ethnicity, or gender, and therefore no pre-disposed judgment is invited, empowered, or induced. The artist’s anonymity allows the art to remain pure in its exquisite form, loyal to the overarching mandate, and entirely faithful to the unique vision, mission, and values of the brand.