Giovanni Pesce was born in 1962 in Altamura (Ba), graduated from the Art School of Bari with an Architectural address, he completed his apprenticeship at an established architecture studio, proposing his ideas, comparing himself with experts in the sector, and receiving continuous stimuli which he transformed into moments of professional growth. In 1986 he was called to join the staff of the technical office of an important credit company where he designs a large number of branches. In 1994 he founded Signum, a working group that sees him cooperate with other professionals in the sector; together with them, he moved towards the design and construction of exhibition spaces. In 1997, thanks to the experience gained, he started a study/laboratory of ideas that saw him engaged, initially in interior design, then increasingly directed towards real design: clear pieces, direct, discrete in shapes and materials, with a beauty that is intimately linked to their functionality. His multifaceted interests also push toward graphic design and photography, and this is how he takes care of numerous catalogs and brochures for various companies in the upholstery sector. But the evolution continues, in recent years he surrounds himself with a staff of valid collaborators and is oriented towards the artistic direction and care of the design for numerous companies that produce furnishings and accessories for the home. For them he takes care of trade fair installations in countless national and international trade fairs, designs, and manufactures important furnishing elements, but, above all, he manages to give a new image to companies by characterizing their production with sober, essential, and winning lines.


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