COLLECTIONAL explores the lines between art and design, representing artists and designers from around the globe and showcasing unique pieces. The streets of Milan burst at the seams with natural wonders, culture, history and art. This month, we set off on a journey to scour every avenue in search of the city’s most significant products – and we are so happy to share our favorite finds with you now. Join us on this journey to experience the unexpected ways that design evolves, innovates, and inspires.

Gallotti & Radice

Gallotti & Radice Collectional Dubai

Gallotti & Radice, born in 1956 is a Milanese interior brand characterised by detailed production and extreme high level craftsmanship, honoring the generational tradition.

Gabriel Scott

Gabriel Scott Collectional Dubai

Gabriel Scott is a multidisciplinary skilled interior and lighting company with backgrounds in architecture, industrial design, and jewelry-making.

CC Tapis

CC Tapis Collectional Dubai

CC-tapis is an Italian company which produces contemporary hand-knotted rugs which are created in Nepal by expert Tibetan artisans


Kettal is a designer and manufacturer brand known for Timeless Outdoor  furnishings for home or commercial use. 

Kettal Collectional Dubai