Summertime is an invitation to lay under beautiful blue skies and a calling to head to crystal blue sea shores where the majestic hues vary in both tone and pigment. Inspired by the colour du jour, we have assembled our Summer Blues curation from our favourite designers and artists from around the world to help motivate these precious solstitial months.


Tuuci by Collectional Dubai

From its first order for 100 parasols to its current global footprint throughout the globe, Tuuci company has been built by a passionate team that intends to create functionality through effortless sophistication.


Kettal | Collectional Dubai

Kettal is a designer and manufacturer brand known for Timeless Outdoor furnishings for home or commercial use.


Gebrüder Thonet Vienna GmbH (GTV) collection by COLLECTIONAL Dubai

Gebrüder Thonet Vienna is part of the Viennese-style furniture tradition. GTV has been making exquisite objects that harmoniously combine functionality and elegance.


Vitra by Collectional Dubai

Vitra encompasses classic and contemporary furniture, lighting and accessories for private interiors. The power of Vitra’s third generation business relies from their environmental, cultural and commercial mission.