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Introduces a new material, sand, inspired by the designer’s connection to his home, the UAE.
The breaking sand collection continues the iconic KAMEH designs finished with sand from the Dubai desert. Its imperfect, sculpted form allows each piece to be wildly idiosyncratic, which KAMEH calls 'breaking the sand.'
"There is un-perfectness in the objects," designer KAMEH says, "There is no beauty in perfection, only imperfection."
KAMEH finds inspiration in various artistic elements, such as art, nature, and the human self. The sand from the UAE's desert represents the versatility of the nation's natural elements and was chosen by the designer to show the versatility of the craftsmanship. It mimics the desert's dunes, rough, with a sandy finish on the exposed surface by unforgiving nature and
uniquely formed on the inside.

Dimensions: L205 D48 H48 CM
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KAMEH Kameh’s objects of design are centered around nature and the human self. Not the singular mortal designer behind them. This is why Kameh is masked to conceal their identity and more importantly preserve their privacy and maintain focus on the pieces. Kameh wants viewers to enjoy the products and not be concerned about the face behind them. Kameh is the designer, yes, but also the brand, the pieces, and the story. KAMEH designs are crafted by techniques and multiple... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7