Crystals Overgrown Candelabra | Candelabra

Crystals Overgrown Candelabra is a thought-provoking piece in its aesthetic and narrative. It exemplifies an object, here the candelabra, forgotten in time. Hand-sculpted unique design artwork by Mark Sturkenboom This world is cluttered with stuff, how would the world look like a few thousand years from now? Crystals Overgrown is a series of chandeliers and candlesticks that appear to be relics from a desolate flooded world. Atelier Mark Sturkenboom designed a fluid that allows objects to grow crystals over a period of time. The base and candle holder features beautiful aluminum with crystal glass in white color.

Dimensions: W25 D25 H33H CM | W32 D32 H42H CM
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Mark Stukenboom

Mark Sturkenboom Sturkenboom was formerly a welder before graduating with honors in 2012 at Artez, Institute for the Arts in Arnhem. He is trained as a designer but now acts as an independent artist. Design is a word that can mean a great deal of different things depending on the time, place, and context that one chooses to view it in. The Oxford English Dictionary defines design as: “Purpose, planning, or intention that exists or is thought to exist behind an action, fac... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7