Dual Love Potion Bottle | Bottle

Love potion is a series of glass bottles that hold an elixir made with animal instinct and pheromones. The bottles are made to look like they are about to erupt.

The sinuous lines and colors rendered in blown glass processing make this a provocative sculptural piece of passion and seduction. The mouth blown glass is accentuated 18-Karat Goldplated Brass.

Sturkenboom shows this works through a careful palette and clean lines, which resist the temptation of confusion and cluttered aesthetics. Memory is prevalent in his line of work, throughout his entire oeuvre is the ability to preserve a moment in a state of crystal clarity. Memory is messy, it is flavored by myriad personal influences.

Dimensions: W40 D20 40H CM
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Mark Stukenboom

Mark Sturkenboom Sturkenboom was formerly a welder before graduating with honors in 2012 at Artez, Institute for the Arts in Arnhem. He is trained as a designer but now acts as an independent artist. Design is a word that can mean a great deal of different things depending on the time, place, and context that one chooses to view it in. The Oxford English Dictionary defines design as: “Purpose, planning, or intention that exists or is thought to exist behind an action, fac... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7