Hand Sculpted Cabinet with Lapis Lazuli | Cabinet

Hand Sculpted Cabinet with Lapis Lazuli is a mid-high cabinet with a fragment of Lapis Lazuli stone fragment, estimated some 65 million years old and found in the Sar-e-Sang mines in Badakchan, Afghanistan.

The Oxidized and waxed aluminium structure serves as a contrasting canvass to the Unpolished Lapis Lazuli stone, inlaid by hand by De Valck himself.

Each piece is unique and signed.

Pierre De Valck shares his passion for archeology and historical artifacts in a line of contemporary furniture--a rediscovery of ancient past on modern pieces.

Dimensions: W75 D46 H96 CM
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PIERRE DE VALCK Pierre De Valck (1991) born in Brussels, is a Ghent-based designer with a childhood fascination for archeology and collecting historical artefacts. His furniture attempts to harness the power of ancient geological processes in a contemporary bodice. Modern antiquities that allow the rediscovery of an ancestral past. Pierre De Valck manually encrusts each piece of furniture with unique minerals and stones of exceptional historical value. Leaving the mineral... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7