Kinetic Stone Lamp

The lamp is an effect of the designer's search for new, unique design paths, which resulted in an object qualified as conceptual design. The designer aimed to create a thing that would surprise with its scale, an unusual combo of materials, and extraordinary usage. Even though it sheds light, the design doesn't resemble anything defined as a 'lamp.' It enables the user to perceive structure and interior planning from a new perspective. The designer experimented with the object's scale, weight and movement and used them unprecedentedly. The result is a marble stone with a cut surface in which a brass ring is placed. When touched, it turns out to be a cylinder that slides out of the stone. The cylinder has walls made from glass that cast warm light. When connected again, the light turns off, and the cylinder slides back in. The usage of the object is out of the ordinary. The size and weight of the lamp may seem ungrounded. Being around it is an entirely new, almost surrealistic experience.

Dimensions: W68 D86 H71 CM
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