Nimbus Chair

Nader Gammas’ contribution; Nimbus, a frosted acrylic chair, is an experimentation in the permanence of matter, and a testament to nature’s symbiotic relationship with all four elements; air, water, earth and fire.

Embracing simplicity, purity and subtlety in his designs, people experiencing his work have room to explore their own sensations and emotions, and question the permanence of matter and the subjectivity of perception.The chosen material for the Nimbus chair, acrylic; produces a surreal, dream-like quality, with translucent contours bound together by light and air.The sculptural chair is juxtaposed by its ever-changing ethereal quality, as light, color and body heat pass through it, transforming it time and again. Gammas’ work demands attention, the contrasts within the chair, at once romantic yet austere, solid yet luminous embody a pulsing halo of energy as is interacts with its environment.

Nader Gammas entered the world of design as a light specialist. His latest foray into functional art, incorporates his ethos of objects that are not only aesthetically beautiful, superbly functional but more importantly engaging with their surroundings.

Dimensions: W68 D55 H56 CM
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Born and raised in the United States, Nader Gammas is of Syrian origin. He holds a B.Sc, in Architecture from the University of Jordan, and an MFA in Lighting Design from Parsons School of Design in New York. Nader Gammas didn’t always know he wanted to work with light, but it was his fascination with form and functionality from a young age that eventually placed him on that trajectory. “If you strip down architecture and interiors you are ultimately only left ... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7