Once Upon A Time Hypnos Mirror | Mirror

Mark Sturkenboom's Cyrstals Overgrown series takes us to dreamland. Aptly called Once Upon A Time, this line of mirrors are embodiments of human experiences--to sleep and to dream. It transports us back to our memories, an emotional journey of trials and triumphs, a reminder of our personality, and an affirmation of our bieng.

Once Upon A Time takes a sophisticated approach to mirrors through the use of sculpted stainless steel exquisitely done in mirror finish. The faceted edges create an elegant three-dimensional frame. A starck reminder to bygone days, natural grown crystals slowly carves its way in, provoking our values.

Mark succeeds in challenging this narrative just as he challenges manufacturing, as it is based one processes which derives the same output. Instead, he espouses the material, its character, idiosyncracies, background and emotions. Thus, provoking ones concept of being desolate.

Dimensions: w74 d8 h75h cm
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Mark Sturkenboom Sturkenboom was formerly a welder before graduating with honors in 2012 at Artez, Institute for the Arts in Arnhem. Sturkenboom is trained as a designer, but now acts as an independent artist.Design is a word that can mean a great deal of different things depending on the time, place and context that one chooses to view it in. The Oxford English Dictionary defines design as: “Purpose, planning, or intention that exists or is thought to exist behind an ac... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7