PLYN Small Sofa

Brand: Faina
Designer: Victoria Yakusha

Dimensions: L260 D118 H80 CM

In Ukrainian, PLYN means fluidity. Taking inspiration from water, a new design piece by Faina manifests soft power. Primitive massive blocks recall the outlines of coastal stones, which forms were naturally polished by water.
"Water is soft and accepting. At the same time, it overcomes all the rigid and rock. This soft power is revealed in PLYN sofa”, comments Victoria Yakusha, founder of Faina.
"I started thinking about acceptance and fluidity after the pandemic when we all felt on our skin that we couldn't affect some things. In today's world, acceptance is often equated with weakness and vulnerability. But it has its hidden power. Water moves stones with its softness.”
PLYN sofa was presented at the personal Faina exhibition in Paris, which took place during Summer Solstice, the time of natural renewal. A Series of art photos crossed the parallel between the PLYN sofa and a human — consonant in their fluid lines and keeping the soft power inside.
“We must learn from Water. Flexible and accepting, it changes its forms but never loses its essence. Accepting the outer world and interacting with it, we’ll reveal our soft power”.
This piece is handcrafted from wood, natural textile, and soft filling. Besides a big sofa, PLYN soft range includes a bed, a small sofa, an armchair, and a bench. With soft, fluid lines yet a strong character, it brings natural calmness to the space.

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