Prometheus IV 450 | Table Lamp | Quartz | Verdigris

Prometheus IV by Christopher Boots is a table lamp with a minimalist design that embodies the cyclical nature of existence. Looking through Prometheus IV, one is moved through a metaphysical passageway connecting two environments, dimensions, or points in time. Prometheus stole fire from the Gods of Mt Olympus and gave it to humankind. More than the means for survival- light and technology, Prometheus’ gift represented creative potential. The spark of creation, previously limited to the Gods, gave mortals the power to dream, create, imagine, and challenge. Prometheus IV is an implosion of blazing crystal quartz, venerating its namesake in a ring of flame.
This model features a special Verdigris finish with a clear quartz boulder base.
Lamp: 2500–2700K Warm White

Dimensions: DIA45 X 8 CM
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Christopher Boots Born 1979, Christopher Boots is driven by a love of nature and light with a commitment to nothing short of excellence. Trained in Industrial Design, Boots’ focus is creating lighting, interpreted as sculptural objects. Boots look to classical and metaphysical worlds, honoring elegant proportions, precise details, and a highly developed sculptural sense; along the journey suggesting mythical ideas about creation and change. He is a dedicated craftsman, s... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7