Symbiose 02 Light Sculpture | Wall Lamp

Symbiose Light Sculpture explores the interaction between two materials in close physical association in a synergistic relationship. This symbiotic relationship is expressed in a series of compositions of elegant juxtapositions.

Symbiose 02 comes in a brushed brass structure and finish. Semi-opaque ochre marbled glass, smooth olive green glass sheet; The light sculptures evolve with their owners' seasons and locations. Their ephemeral projections reveal their mysterious and nuanced light reflections. The evening brings a charming and warm atmosphere to their home.

Dimensions: W25 H37.5 CM
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Precious Artefact An ode to nature, this is what Audrey Guimard and Marie Jeunet offer with their combined expertise and favorite materials, tufa stone and glass. On sculptural stone plinths, echoing so many mineral landscapes, sit sheets of colored glass and blocks of raw material which, through a subtle play of light and textures, magnify the stone and the surfaces surrounding them. Colorful transparencies and hypnotic caustics unfold before our eyes throughout the day. Read more Fill 1 Copy 7