Kensaku Oshiro embarked on his professional journey after graduating from Scuola Politecnica di Design Milano in 1999. With formative experiences at leading design firms in Europe, he ventured to establish his own in 2015, collaborating with esteemed brands such as B&B Italia, boffin, and Poltrona Frau, among others. His design ethos is distinguished by an unwavering commitmnt to innovation, seeking to push the envelope, explore new frontiers, and fuse diverse cultural influences. Oshiro's ingenuity has been recognised with an array of accolades, including the ADI Design Index 2023, German Design Award 2023, and was nominated for the Elle Deco International Design Awards (EDIDA) Designer of the year 2022.

The Crystal collection is a harmonious interaction between geometry and light. Due to the natural translucency of onyx and the mass of the gemstones employed, a shadow is drawn that delicately emphasises and outlines the geometry at play. Oshiro experimented with several variations before settling on an angle of 120 degrees, which yielded the best result in terms of both geometric and shadow contrast. From any viewpoint, the proportions and combination of elements are devised to never be identical from one to another while always maintaining composite harmony.

Oshiro strives for what is essential in terms of both aesthetics and function while keeping a keen eye on the optimisation of resources. Crystal marks his first exploration outside the realm of the industrial environment, where he attempted to develop objects free from the constraints of streamlined manufacturing processes, thus allowing multiple interpretations of one concept within the same volume.