Urban Fabric constitutes a thorough examination of this convergence, originating from the fundamental components that define our immediate environments. The seven Asian artists featured in Series 001 hail from or are based in creative hubs such as Tokyo, Seoul, Hangzhou, and Milan; while the 28 artworks commissioned and created for this inaugural series, epitomise the juxtaposition between industrial precision and artisanal finesse, encapsulating the essence of contemporary urban life and inspiring our collective vision for the future.

In every contemporary settlement across the globe, the past, present, and future seamlessly intertwine, each reliant upon the other for sustenance and growth. The construction of the new invariably draws upon the enduring wisdom and expertise of preceding generations, manifesting a symbiotic relationship inherent in the very fabric of our urban landscapes.


Curated by Yoko Choy

2 – 31.3.2024 

Located at Eden House, 
Dubai, UAE