SAHRA x AD Art of Living

Sahra سهرة, a soirée – an invitation to gather for a moment in time. 

An intimate curation centered around the long tradition of evening gatherings featuring the works of several artists in conversation, each sharing their stories. The handcrafted chairs by designer George Geara, aptly named Amalgam (meaning a mixture or blend), create a bond around the Eshú table by Alexander Lamont made of straw marquetry, drawing inspiration from Yoruba ideas of power and belief.

In the backdrop, we are drawn by the power of Burnt Amber, a piece by Corine Van Voorbergen made of layers and layers of ground amber and a hand-finished seal that draws you much like a blood moon over the desert dunesSoft light emerges from the Veld Candelabra by South African artist and ceramist Jan Ernst. The Parabola III from Mexican designer Hector Esrawe is a reflection based on how the light travels through a solid surface, the beginning and the end, the darkness, the gloom to the dawn, on tension and flexion, reminding us that this soiree will at one point come to an end.

An intimate gathering to share a moment in time.

Scenography by George Geara


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