For over 25 years, the Tagliabue brothers combine in the Emmemobili collection the art and the artisanal skill of woodworking, typical of their own culture, together with the research for always new processing techniques and material combinations, and proposal of important designers. The Emmemobili journey has always been independent of stylistic and of the moment trends, sometimes daring, towards the realization of “works of art”, not necessarily coordinated with one another, but each one with its own story. Thus, over the years, the collection of its furnishings has grown, giving life to a whole of products with a remarkable interpretative personality. Some present minimal and elegant lines, while others have a more decorative and unusual character, but everyone with the common denominator of being timeless pieces and masterpieces of expert workmanship as well as real works of art. The skill, the competence, and the refined sensitivity are expressed by contemporary pieces of furniture,
which more and more combine the presence of different precious and refined materials with the tailoring wooden manufacturing, expressed by increasingly valued finishes and more and more complex and enterprising shapes.

COLLECTIONAL is a first of its kind providing Italian Furniture in Dubai.


The Tagliabue Daniele company, founded in 1879 in Cantù, has manufactured top-artisan quality furniture since the very beginning. Working alongside well-known architects and building up a solid experience meant that the company could win the “Triennale Design Award” in the 1930’s.


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