Andrés Reisinger debuts in the Middle East with SUN/LEAF

Commissioned by Gallery COLLECTIONAL





Andrés Reisinger is one of the most sought-after digital artists of the 21C. Originally from Argentina, he now creates carefully curated projects in his studio in Barcelona. His instantly recognisable dream-like imagery have drawn interest from a plethora of multi-million-dollar collectors, brands and international art galleries alike.

Gallery COLLECTIONAL, Dubai’s and the Gulf’s first permanent collectible design gallery, has commissioned a renowned digital artist Andrés Reisinger to create an exclusive new exhibition for its space at Eden House, the home of the gallery.


The SUN/LEAF installation - Reisinger’s first ever public art piece - consists of a digital artwork (named Sun) and its physical counterpart (named Leaf). The concept behind the artwork further develops the introduction of a new way of experiencing art by merging the physical and digital. The structural, sharp and modern lines of the physical context own a fictional atmosphere that Reisinger juxtaposes to a natural and ethereal outdoor ambience, depicted in the digital artwork. Reisinger has conceived the artwork as one unicum piece, composed of its digital and physical halves; the artist’s intention is to keep them tied forever.

“The main inspiration for this piece, is a tree or any kind of plant with leaves; I think it is one of nature's most iconic symbols because it reflects so many of its aspects. On the other hand, the sun affects everyone and everything on the planet in some manner. Even though it resides millions of kilometres away, its immense energy continues to have an influence on our life” says Reisinger.


Gallery COLLECTIONAL’s creative director Catalina Ruiz Urquiola comments: “This new commission offers a progressive look at the future of design and the merging of our physical world with the digital experiences. We are fascinated by the cutting-edge new technologies of Web3, foster the ground-breaking new talent and create trailblazing activations that have never been seen before.”

“The SUN/LEAF exhibition cements our position as the Middle East’s most progressive design destination. We’re the region’s first gallery to commission and feature an exclusive phygital (physical and digital) piece, and to introduce the work of Andrés Reisinger to the region - he’s one of the most sought-after artists of this digital revolution” says Cristiano Baccianti, COLLECTIONAL’s founder.

This year marks the first time Art Dubai includes a digital art programme with a dedicated gallery.

Gallery COLLECTIONAL is located at Eden House, Dubai.