Currently based in Tokyo, Studio Swine (Super Wide interdisciplinary New Explorers) creates works that straddle the spheres of art, design, and cinema. The Japanese-British duo explores themes of regional identity and the future of resources. The duo also runs their art studio A.A. Murakami which creates sensory installations that are on going series of works they call 'Ephemeral Tech', where the boundaries between digital technology and natural forces are dissolved to create unnatural phenomena using real materials that engage all your senses beyond the standard visual stimuli of flat screens, projections, and LED arrays. Ephemeral Tech looks to a future where technology transcends the familiar interfaces and becomes inseparable from both our built and natural environments.

Based on their latest digital work Between Two Worlds, A.A. Murakami’s generative code produces endless unique compositions meticulously aligned with the revered golden ratio from Western tradition and the silver ratio (also known as the yamato-hi), a favoured aesthetic proportion in Japan. The wall-based artworks feature neon lighting that can range from vibrant saturated hues to dusky pastel colours set against complementary-coloured metal backgrounds, drawing inspiration from the ethereal floating voids found in minimalist paintings and light installations. 

In the realm of A.A. Murakami, light becomes the ultimate medium, harmoniously bridging the physical and digital worlds.

About the NFT  

Between Two Worlds transcends the boundaries of traditional neon art, embarking on an innovative journey where the luminous essence of light seamlessly transitions from the tangible to the intangible. This generative collection is an homage to the duo’s iconic neon creations, echoing the minimalistic allure of geometric compositions intertwined with a vibrant spectrum of hues.