Kwangho Lee discovered his passion for crafting at an early age. His up brainging in rural South Korea taught him to appreciate the simplicity of daily life and the beauty in functionality, inspiring him to reimagine natural materials and ordinary objects, transforming them into new meanings and purposes. 

A graduate of Metal Art & Design at Hongik University, Lee currently resides and work in Seoul. He was named Artist of the year by the Korean Ministry of Culture in 2011 and was recently shortlisted for the Wallpaper Design Award Designer in 2023. His work is featured in the permanent collections of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Kwangho Lee's work commences with the act of making knots. Akin to the instinctive and intuitive way humans once fashioned tools from natural materials, the process is at times an obsession for the artist. The skillful execution of this act resembles a discipline, operating on both conscious and unconscious levels simultaneously.

‘I become the object, and the object becomes me.
Located in a specific space or time,
I constantly strive to see my existence,
Each stream of my consciousness,
In a macroscopic way.’

Cutting Lines features ten new works, showcasing Lee's boundary-pushing approach to unlocking the potential of 3D printing, reinterpreting the process of knot making, and allowing the concept to evolve and mutate through the interplay of materiality and digital-manual processes.