Agglomerati is a London based studio creating distinctive stone furniture. Established in 2019 by Australian designer Sam Henley, the studio aspires to create objects of permanence.

Agglomerati by Sam Henley

The collections are characterised by geometric silhouettes and well-proportioned plains which lend themselves to the rich, lustrous surfaces of stone. Each piece is made bespoke in Northern Italy from an array of classic stone varieties and finished to the highest standard, using methods and materials that will last a century, or longer.

agglomerati by COLLECTIONAL dubai

Alongside the collections, Agglomerati collaborates with multidisciplinary designers, to create functional art-objects in stone. By connecting creatives who have diverse material backgrounds with Northern Italy’s foremost craftspeople, the studio brings fresh new perspectives to a time-honoured material, producing original, avant-garde collections.

agglomerati by COLEECTIONAL dubai

Translated from the Italian, Agglomerati means ‘to mass together’, or ‘collection of things’. It refers to the composition of minerals which, when placed under pressure over time, react to form stone. It also evokes the studio’s evolving collective of creatives – individuals who come together to produce work made exclusively in stone.