Round Coffee Table

Based on the Round Table that Fred Ganim created in 2015, this coffee table is carved from a single block of Brazilian Quartzite (pictured). The stone's deep blue is shot through with warm red and calm, natural tones; myriad colors emerge in tightly compressed layers on the table's smooth surface, and cascade down the legs, each a fluid, folded curve.

Dimensions: W117 H30 CM
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AGGLOMERATI Agglomerati is a London based studio creating distinctive stone furniture. Established in 2019 by Australian designer Sam Henley, the studio aspires to create objects of permanence. The collections are characterised by geometric silhouettes and well-proportioned plains which lend themselves to the rich, lustrous surfaces of stone. Each piece is made bespoke in Northern Italy from an array of classic stone varieties and finished to the highest standard, using m... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7