Empyrean Suspended 01

In ancient cosmologies, the Empyrean was believed to be a heavenly place in the highest of heavens, occupied by the element of fire. The warm glow of the ceiling light Empyrean suspended 01 pays homage to this antiquated concept, as Gallée experiments with light through material hues, transparency, and luminosity.

Paired with studies of space from today, Gallée observed the warped behavior of light around black holes and translated it into the refraction of light in the Empyrean light. 24m of LED-light strips illuminate the dark resin centerpieces from within, while the rounded edges contort the light rays, creating a floating effect that moves around the geometric composition. The thickness of the resin blocks with the intangible translucence of the light creates a compelling juxtaposition that constitutes a balanced yet playful aesthetic that teases the eye.

Empyrean suspended 01 is the first light in the Empyrean collection. As Gallée experiments with the light-bending qualities of translucent resin, the Empyrean collection will grow and continue to catch the light.

Dimensions: W38 L100 H45 CM
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LAURIDS GALLÉE Laurids Gallée is an Austrian designer based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. From early childhood he was exposed to creative practices, and after briefly studying anthropology, he graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2015. He spent the following years learning different manufacturing techniques, as a craftsman in art and design production. In 2017 he started his own studio in Rotterdam; his work explores traditional and folkloric elements to enter modern ma... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7