Pearly Skelp

PEARLY SKELP begs no camouflage, no pardons, and nothing further from the finest. Pearly skelp dons a military issue flat top as if it were a tiara. A commando of elegance and femininity, destined for the obstacle course of the evening's grand ball. HURRY NOW. Stand this fair lady up, she’ll knock your block quicker than you are to know better. A vision of beauty so rare. 

Dimensions: W185 D85 H80 CM
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Steven John Clark Dubai Collectional

STEVEN JOHN CLARK From stonemasonry to embroidery, football and sculpture, for Steven John Clark, it was an unconventional path that eventually led to founding Melbourne-based studio denHolm. This cross-disciplinary experience has been fundamental to the development and refinement of Steven’s creative practice, and to the success of denHolm. The studio is named after the small Scottish town of Denholm, population 600, where Steven was born and raised. He reflects that hi... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7