Hwachan Lee and Yoomin Maeng crossed paths in 2014 while pursuing Industrial Design at Hong university in Seoul, South Korea. The two joined forces to establish their own studio, Kuo Duo, in 2021. Their collective curiosity pushes the boundaries of design expression, engaging in the design and development of products, furniture, and spatial concepts. Central to their practice is a quest for equilibrium between innovative approaches to material selection and production techniques coupled with a focus on the functionality and elegance of the end products.

A vibrant collection of upcycled plastic furniture, Kerf Plastic explores innovative materiality and construction techniques. Kuo Duo experimented with shaping three-dimensional objects using upcycled plastic boards, akin to plywood but with greater flexibility. They applied 'kerf bending', a woodworking technique traditionally used on wood, to mold the plastic boards into contoured shapes. The process requires no heat, glue, or chemicals, enhancing both visual design and functional comfort, showcasing the potential of upcycled plastic in design, marrying sustainability with creativity.

In the Dubai edition created for Urban Fabric Series 001, Kuo Duo introduced a new iteration of the upcycled plastic board in a speckled dark green hue. The color was inspired by the shade of South Korea’s representative tree, the Korean red pine (Pinus densiflora), symbolizing eternity and sustainability in Korean culture.