The CASTE line of furniture and accessories is designed in its entirety by Ty Best. Ty was born and raised in Montana and lives there today. Born in Deer Lodge, both his home and his studio are now in Missoula, close to his roots and the unique and familiar geography he cherishes.

The CASTE collection has grown significantly in recent years, with Ty’s designs now encompassing not only the original carved wood pieces, but also dining furniture, upholstery, accessories, and lighting. All pieces are entirely made in the U.S.A., some still hand-crafted in Montana and others produced by fine fabricators in the Chicago area, where CASTE is headquartered.


Ty created his first furniture collection in 2007, establishing the CASTE brand the same year. In 2008, CASTE gallery was opened in Chicago to showcase and sell both his furniture and artwork, all made by hand in his Montana studio at that time.


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