At COLLECTIONAL we dream with our eyes open.

COLLECTIONAL is a lifestyle expressed through beautiful design. Constantly curious, we scour the globe to source and commission the most compelling design pieces for our clients. With a focus on quality, craft, and materiality, we elevate aesthetics and functionality to everyday luxury. We fuse our passion and experience to deliver perfectly curated spaces to fit all.


With roots in Dubai, our approach is as international as our home, and we work with a long list of international brands, designers, and artists. Through our platform built upon years of industry experience, we nurture and curate the very best of the design world to help you build your own collection of design pieces. Collaborating directly with our design partners, we envision bespoke spaces that invoke all the senses in elegant harmony.

Infused with our own curatorial sensibility, we work with our clients to articulate their vision through pieces that integrate beauty, glamour, and functionality, and we bring all these elements together for our clients to build their own individual style through our curated selection of design. We love the interplay of compelling design - vintage, modern, contemporary, and beyond - to create something truly unique. Whether you are searching for a single piece, or looking to give your entire environment a refresh, we are here to help your personality shine. We love what we do and have the knowledge and enthusiasm to help you bring your design dreams to life.

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