Al Faya Lodge - Mount Alvaah, Mleiha, Sharjah UAE

Client: SHUROOQ (Sharjah Investment and Development Authority)
Designer: Anarchitect
Scope of work: FF&E Package

Set at the foot of Mount Alvaah and in close proximity to the UAE’s first petroleum pump, the elegant Al Faya Lodge makes the UAE’s prehistoric crimson desert landscape its abode. The Al Faya Lodge is the latest addition to the Sharjah Collectiona group of distinctive boutique hotels and eco-friendly retreats situated in key locations across the Sharjah Emirate.

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The architecture and design of the Al Faya Lodge, by architect Jonathan Ashmore and his Dubai and London-based practice ANARCHITECTare paramount to the experience it provides. Two single-story, stone-built buildings from the 1960s, previously occupied as a clinic and grocery store, has been renovated into a contemporary boutique lodge and restaurant.

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COLLECTIONAL worked with architect Jonathan Ashmore and his team in both material selection and manufacturing process. Because of the particular nature of the space, a significant part of the furniture had to be customized. ANARCHITECT beautifully designed the furniture and COLLECTIONAL had the task of converting the concept design into real pieces of furniture.

COLLECTIONAL other involvement in the project was with FF&E consultancy, supply, and delivery.

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The Lodge comprises of dining, reception room, library & roof terrace. Each room in the five-bedroom lodge features a skylight for stargazing while the luxe room has the added experience of a private roof terrace and dual aspect.

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Photography by: Fernando Guerra @fernandogguerra

Design by: ANARCHITECT @Anarchitect_co