Circadian Light Synthesis - Dubai Design Week 2018

Circadian Light Synthesis is an installation concept designed by award-winning architecture practice, ANARCHITECT, for its entry into the Dubai Design Week 2018. The Circadian Light Synthesis highlights the relationship that exists between the human circadian rhythm, the Sun and Moon.


The purpose of the Circadian Light Synthesis installation is to raise awareness and highlight to the public how different positions of the Sun, color temperatures and intensity of sunlight can influence our human circadian rhythm. Likewise, the Moon can also influence our natural body-clock.


“The relationship between body and light conditions is important for human well-being and a key aspect of design and architecture,” says Ashmore, founder of ANARCHITECT.


“Circadian Light Synthesis harnessethe intense sunlightas well as moonlight conditionsat its location while providing a welcoming, explorable, and contemplative area for the Dubai Design Week visitors”, he added.


The installation is parted into two interconnected elements. The southern ‘Exposed’ Pavilion remainopen-sided and houseseated area for visitors, which doubleas a shade. Its wall and roof apertures orient explicitly in line with the Sun’s path to harness intense light particularly at mid-day (12 pm), afternoon (3 pm) and sunset (6 pm) to cast specific shadows. The northern ‘Enclosed’ Pavilion is predominantly closed and lit with Delta Light’s ‘artificial sun.’


The structures of the installation are clad in clay – specifically Matteo Brioni’s TerraPlus Cammeo, which is a mixture of raw earth, mineral binders and resinous polymers for a higher resistance to abrasion and water without losing its permeability. This non-fading material allows the sun to beautifully highlight its unique natural texture.


Matteo says, “The earth is part of everyone’s past. However, mine in particular. Growing up in Gonzaga in Italy, among the history, the fields and clay quarries can have a strong impact on your choices. I discovered, like many designers, earth was not only a ‘sustainable’and ‘healthy’material but also a sensual and ‘natural’ beauty, pleasant to touch and sinuously adaptable to any surface.


The Circadian Light Synthesis installation was developed by ANARCHITECT in partnershipwith Delta Light, Matteo Brioni and COLLECTIONAL, Abanos and Prime Metal Industries (PMI).



ANARCHITECT: @anarchitect_co
COLLECTIONAL: @the_collectional
Matteo Brioni: @matteobrioni
Delta light: @wearedeltalight
Abanos: @abanos_fitout
Prime Metal Industries
Photographer: Marc Goodwin, Archmospheres