Jumeirah Beach Hotel - Dubai, UAE

Client: Bond Interiors
Designer: EO
Scope of work: Main feature straw marquetry column in the lobby and decorative panels in the bathrooms

The feature column, designed to be attractive and functional, is located in the main lobby of the newly refurbished Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai.

JBH - COLLECTIONAL - © Oana Maria Sofronia-21

Bond Interiors commissioned COLLECTIONAL to supply, coordinate, and install the custommade structuredesigned by Engineering Office.

For the execution of the structure, different manufacturing processes were involved:

On one side, a complex geometry was achievedthanks to the WOOD-SKIN® proprietary technology and software. On the other side, a laborious hand-made process was required in the creation of straw marquetry where Alexander Lamont’s team had to put in time and patience.

JBH - COLLECTIONAL - © Oana Maria Sofronia-49

COLLECTIONAL coordinated the interaction between the two companies in its oneofakind project. For a better understanding, below is the process involved in creatinthe column.

JBH - COLLECTIONAL - © Oana Maria Sofronia-4

Firstly, after analyzing the project’s needs, WOOD-SKIN created a bespoke product using its patented methods and Made In Italy” know-how.

JBH - COLLECTIONAL - © Oana Maria Sofronia-15

Secondly, the structure was delivered to Alexander Lamont for the straw marquetry application. This was done by collecting untreated bundles of rye straw. The stemof the strawwere split, flattened, softened and scraped into a flat ribbon. Afterwards, it was gluededge to edgeto the crafted surface until it had an even surface, and shapes cut from the sheet.

JBH - COLLECTIONAL - © Oana Maria Sofronia-37

The straw, naturally covered with a varnish formed from plant silica, is impermeable to water and very durable. The flattened straw is usually shiny and takes on different hues as light strikes it.

JBH - COLLECTIONAL - © Oana Maria Sofronia-33

Lastly, the finished product was delivered to COLLECTIONAL’s installation team in Dubai to finish creating the column.

Photography by: Oana Maria Sofronia for COLLECTIONAL.