Mercury Lounge - Dubai, UAE

Client: Bright Start
Designer: Bamo Design
Scope of work: FF&E package

Mercury Lounge is an entertainment destination, situated in Four SeasonsJumeirah, Dubai. Fluid, suggestive, alive, a planetary constellation – all these words evoke this particular, open air space. Likewise, the name reflects the chemical element also known as ‘Quicksilver’ and the planet (represented by the glass sphere bar in the lounge) which is the smallest, closest to the Sun and fastest moving planet in the solar system



COLLECTIONAL Studio redecorated the lounge to match the concept requested by the management and made it a one-of-a-kind terrace bar in Dubai.



For the redecoration project, COLLECTIONAL was given a budget and timeframe to work with on enhancing the look, feel and atmosphere of the lounge with custom-made furniture.

Photography by: Oana Maria Sofronia for COLLECTIONAL.