Nuzul Al Salam Boutique Hotel - Muharraq, Bahrain

Client: The Year Of Zayed initiative
Designer: Ammar Basheir
Scope of work: FF&E package

Nuzul Al Salam is a government renovation project, which is part of The Year Of Zayed initiative between the UAE’s Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development (@mckduae), and Bahrain’s Shaikh Ebrahim Center for Culture and Research (@shaikh_ebrahim_center).


Ammar Basheir was appointed as the interior designer for the project, which he restored from a traditional Bahraini house to a boutique hotel in the city of Muharraq.
The hotel is situated in the old streets of Muharraq and it includes a majlis (reception area), dining room, a central courtyard, and six suites primarily inspired by the mythical epic of Gilgamesh’s – the flower of eternity.


Each suite is named after a theme from the poem, Light, Vision, Flower of Eternity, Sea, Hope, and Sun.


The hotel boasts an array of furniture used from Gebrüder Thonet Vienna GmbH (GTV) like:

Coat rack bench hanger – a coat rack bench that plays with the company’s stylistic features: bentwood and the Vienna cane seat.


Mos bench – a contemporary take on a traditional piece, MOS is designed for the bedroom and it is perfect at the end of a bed. However, its subtle, sophisticated character means that it can work well in a hall or lounge too.


N.0 chair – is a feminine, eclectic chair that is suspended in time. It plays on the simple forms and proportions of the bent beechwood design, with a woven cane or technical mesh on the backrest and a charming single armrest on one side.
Targa sofa – the bent beech structure holds the wide seat cushion and the upholstered backrest has a woven cane edge with an ellipsoidal element, the plate (targa), after which the design is named.



Wiener Box – a furnishing concept from the rigorous design register, inspired by the pure and essential lines of a light metal structure, a suspended box whose borders are defined by Vienna straw side panels with wooden frames, such as the lacquered top surfaces.


Morris chairs – the juxtaposition of the two versions (hights) gives a playfull movement to the dining room’s horizon, playing with heights and colours, suggesting irreverent furnishing solutions both in home environments and contract spaces


OttoW headboard – an intriguing contemporary take on a classic decorative style, OTTOW creates a wood-paneling effect on the wall through a combination of different materials


Rue headboard – a headboard that shows character with its use of different thicknesses to create a carefully calibrated arrangement of overlapping elements.


Yvette headboard – with an eclectic freshness to its graphic style, YVETTE catches the eye for its curved profiling in black lacquered wood and black tubular metal, which creates a delicate pattern on the wall.