Terra Eatery - Dubai

Client: Terra
Designer: Bone Studio
Scope of work: Furniture and Finishes supply and installation⁠

Terra embodies a timeless eatery where Bone, the design mastermind behind it, aimed to create a retreat from the buzzing city.


For Bone, creating a sheltering atmosphere was crucial. The interior space is reminiscent of a courtyard. The lush garden envelopes the shop and acts as a natural barrier from the surrounding streets while sheltering its inmates in the grounded terrace. Interwoven amongst the interior space, the greenery allows guests to enjoy a private moment during their dining experience. Five- meter-high pivoting glass doors welcome visitors to the interior dining space from all three facades. The shop faces the east, allowing sharp rays of sunlight to penetrate through the clear glass doors during the brisk hours of the day. The sunlight also exposes the hues and undulations of the terracotta tiles as well as the clay walls and uneven surfaces.




The finishes and colors utilized within the project tell the story of craftsmanship. The raw earth surfaces emulate different colors that are natural and pigment-free; characteristics we always admire in Matteo Brioni products.


The walls, ceiling, and columns are made with a combination of MATTEO BRIONI MultiTerra Plus and MATTEO BRIONI TerraWabi finishes.



MultiTerra plus is the most reliable natural compromise between environmental protection and function. MultiTerra mono-layered plaster is suitable for indoor vertical surfaces. MultiTerra can be applied either directly on walls, finished rough plaster, and panels.




TerraWabi is an interior finishing system inspired by the Japanese aesthetic concept of Wabi-sabi. The term Wabi-sabi indicates an object in its most essential and natural state. It is the beauty of imperfection, incompleteness, and impermanence of all things. With TerraWabi Matteo Brioni distances himself from the idea of absolute perfection, to rediscover the beauty of an intuitive and spontaneous creation, full of originality.



For the flooring, Bone Studio has chosen Moka colored Terracotta slats by Fornace Brioni. The slats are still made entirely by hand, piece by piece using wooden molds like hundreds of years ago.

Design: @bonedotstudio
Client: @terra.eatery
Location: Al Thanya Street, Dubai, UAE⁠
Brands: @matteobrioni @fornacebrioni @flos
Photography: @oculisproject