Since 2012, French artist Justin Morin creates steel and silk sculptures. Its practice refers to major movements in arts history. From minimal art to the light and space current, his work unfolds in a vast game of references. His approach to sculpture insists on the expressive qualities of the materials he uses to bring a sensual, almost erotic dimension to an initially disembodied vocabulary. Working with gradients compositions, his inspirations come from the world of image, from fashion advertisings to movie posters. Blurring the boundaries of art, fashion and design, his work assumes an ambiguous status, between the conceptual and the decorative. 

Justin Morin by Collectional Dubai

Justin Morin leads JMStudio, a structure dedicated to his set-design collaborations, window installations and editorial propositions. He has worked with brands like Carven (installation for the Fall/Winter 2016 menswear collection) and Louis Vuitton (collaboration for the Fall/Winter 2016 womenswear show and windows display). As a set designer, he’s been published in various magazines such as Air France Madame, Purple and Vogue China.

Justin Morin by Collectional Dubai

Justin Morin by Collectional

Thanks to his knowledge of the cultural world, Justin Morin contributes to several magazines, from Vogue Italia to Les Inrocks. Since 2015 he has served editor in chief of Revue, a bi-annual magazine dedicated to arts and fashion. Revue has been devised as a place where images can converse with words and vice-versa. Dance, music, cinema, fashion - all disciplines are combined, from one encounter to the next, offering a unique portrait of what makes the French cultural scene so richly diverse, without confining itself within the bounds of increasingly illegitimate borders.