Exhibition was opened to the public Wednesday November 9th to Sunday November 13th from 10 am to 8 pm, 2022.

Gallery COLLECTIONAL is Dubai’s first permanent collectible design gallery and a global online design platform. The gallery explores the discourse between function and beauty by blurring the boundaries between art and design. 

Gallery COLLECTIONAL presents Beyond Nature


The latest exhibition, titled “BEYOND NATURE”, explores the ways in which nature has always been an indisputable source of inspiration to countless creations. Earth, Air, Water & Fire - the spirit elements interlaced with each other to create unity and universal balance. Beyond Nature celebrates nature at its core.

The exhibition explores the four elements in nature with exclusive commissions from Den Holm, Duffy London, Jan Ernst, Kameh, Laurids Galle, Mark Mitchell, and Nader Gammas as well as a curated selection of works from Christopher Boots, Draga and Aurel, Faina, and Kooij.

Gallery COLLECTIONAL connects nature’s four fundamental elements into a seamlessly unified space, revealing a perfect ecosystem orchestrated by beauty. Utilizing the source with the intention to give back to nature in symbiotic cycle.

Breaking the Sand by Kameh

Kameh by Collectional

Kameh introduces a new material, sand, inspired by the designer’s connection to his home, the UAE. The ‘Breaking the Sand’ collection is a continuation of the iconic Kameh designs finished with sand from the Dubai desert. Its imperfect, sculpted form allows each piece to be wildly idiosyncratic, the process Kameh calls 'Breaking the Sand'.

"there is un-perfectness in the objects," designer Kameh says, "there is no beauty in perfection, only imperfection."

Kameh finds inspiration in various artistic elements, such as art, nature, and the human self. The sand from the UAE's desert represents the versatility of the nation's natural elements and was chosen by the designer to show the versatility of the craftsmanship. The Kameh designs mimic the desert's dunes, rough, with a sandy finish on the exposed surface by unforgiving nature and uniquely formed on the inside.

Each piece is designed in sync to complement and support each other in a natural state. Kameh's objects are intended to be interpreted simultaneously as common, relatable objects of functionality and as works of art. 

Empyrean suspended 01 by Laurids Gallée

Laurids Gallee by Collectional

In ancient cosmologies, the Empyrean was believed to be a celestial place in the highest of heavens, occupied by the element of fire. The warm glow of the ceiling light Empyrean suspended 01 pays homage to this antiquated concept, as Gallée experiments with light through material hues, transparency, and luminosity. 

Paired with studies of space from today, Gallée observed the warped behavior of light around black holes and translated it into the refraction of light in the Empyrean light. 24m of LED-light strips illuminate the dark resin centerpieces from within, while the rounded edges contort the light rays, creating a floating effect that moves around the geometric composition. The thickness of the resin blocks with the intangible translucence of the light creates a compelling juxtaposition that constitutes a balanced yet playful aesthetic that teases the eye.

Fossil floor light by Jan Ernst

Jan Ernst by Collectional

The fossil floor light was inspired by Jan’s fascination with shells, exoskeletons, and stone imprints. The coastline of South Africa varies from rugged and dramatic cliffs crashing into the oceans to sandy beaches that are gentle. 

The interface between land and water is where a lot of my inspiration comes from. Shells and other ocean formations wash up on the beach and remind us of the passing of time. If we are fortunate, we may come across a once living thing preserved in stone or amber.

The Fossil floor light is a surrealist interpretation of a Wentletrap shell that has been dissected. In a dreamlike state, the shell becomes alive with eyes that start glowing. Its spiral shape allows it to rotate and engage with its surroundings 360 degrees.

The aim of the light sculpture is to draw the viewer into its textured tubes, transporting to another time or dimension. What are the fossils we will leave behind? What will future paleontologists find, and how will nature tell our story?

Abyss table by Duffy London


Pearly Skelp console by denHolm

 denHolm by Collectional

Nader Gammas 

Nader Gammas by Collectional

How can we explore … what is the fundamental truth …

Nature has always been an indisputable source of inspiration to countless creations. Beyond Nature celebrates nature at its core. We have explored it’s provenance and discovered some truths. Earth, Air, Wind & Fire - the spirit elements interlaced with each other to create unity and universal balance. 

The seed that triggered cycles that is then multiplied into thousands. Do the elements determine our immortal union to the source?