Surf-Ace Table

Surf’s up! And dinner’s on the table. The Surf-Ace Table is made using traditional surfboard manufacturing techniques giving this piece the same visual solid language as classic balsa wood surfboards. Wood has been the material used in the construction of surfboards since the ancient Hawaiians. This collection is beautiful not only to the eye but also to the touch, with its sumptuous curves and edges that are a treat to the senses as your hands glide over the table.

Dimensions: W100 L190 H75 CM
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Christopher Duffy Christopher Duffy founded Duffy London in 2002 while working as a part-time furniture buyer after graduating from the University of Brighton with a BA in Product Design. Having grown out of the kitchen some time ago, Chris and the Duffy London team are now based out of a studio in Victoria Dock. East London. Abyss Horizon A study of depth and our perception of it, the Abyss Horizon makes use of the interplay between light and layers of the natural Birch... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7