Altar Table 8

ALTAR is a project that showcases a unique approach to design and celebrates the beauty of the tools and techniques used in stone craftsmanship. Just like an ALTAR, the collection offers a range of tables that act as places for awe, praise, and treasuring daily objects in the home.

It is part of SRO (Sacred Ritual Objects), a collection that departs from sacred rituals and traditions in Mexico. The idea for the ALTAR came from a curiosity for shrines, ALTARs, and pedestals, which are the sacred spaces where rituals are performed and the place where ceremonial objects are placed.

We wanted to create our own version of an ALTAR, but we wanted it to be more than just a functional object. We wanted it to be a sculptural piece that celebrates the process of creation.

Dimensions: W137 L90 H35 CM
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EWE STUDIO EWE is a design studio based in Mexico City, devoted to the preservation and advancement of Mexico’s rich artisan heritage, while embracing new mediums and languages for the execution of limited-edition sculptural and functional objects. With a desire to reflect tradition as part of the natural flow of design, EWE praises diverse techniques, blends primitive roughness with pristine surfaces, and uses natural empathic materials that appeal to the senses. Mexican... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7