Bee White Lamp

Bee White lamp is made in a limited series, signed in eight pieces.

The new organic-shaped Bee White lamp comprises an asymmetrical honeycomb structure made of aeronautical aluminum.
It is inspired by the first collection of golden lamps released in 2019.
The white color brings to the composition of the lamp a sacred side, the origin of the honeycomb in the wild. The spiral-shaped base is reminiscent of nature. Thanks to the properties of its innovative materials, the Bee White lamp offers a subtle diffraction of light obtained by these three bulbs.
Model signed and numbered in 8 copies.

Materials: 8 hand-cut slices of aeronautical aluminum honeycomb. 304 stainless steel tubes, satin white finish.

Lighting: 3 clear globe bulbs, E27, Leds, 40W, Ø 60 mm

Dimensions: W45 L52 H97 CM
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Vincent Poujardieu Born in Bordeaux in 1963, Vincent Poujardieu graduated from the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Bordeaux. He devoted himself to a free-spirited and uncompromising style of design that combines nature with know-how and cutting-edge technology. This surprising process results in creations that challenge the very meaning of their functions and that give off a powerful, minute and sensuous vibe. His creations all stem from his challenging materials and sh... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7