BCH Bench

The bench is a simplified extension of the dining table with similar construction details.
Its design is purified to a minimal presence, removing the duplicated elements which reduces weight.
Because of this, the piece is easier to move around and to be stored between the dining table’s legs.

Dimensions: W42 L140 H44 CM | W42 L160 H44 CM | W42 L180 H44 CM | W42 L200 H44 CM
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Andy Kerstens Kerstens is a multidisciplinary design studio with a clear vision on architecture, interior- , furniture and product design. The studio was founded by Andy Kerstens in 2015 and is based in Antwerp, Belgium. Andy graduated in 2015 as a Master of Science in Interior Architecture at the University of Antwerp. With the preparatory trajectory, in 2013 he obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design at the Thomas More College in Mechelen. “Our thorough design ... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7