Meteor Pendents

Meteors slash through the sky, dazzling all who witness their strangeness. It is this primal, cosmic energy that is captured in METEOR.

METEOR implements a delicate hand-picked selection of gradations of natural smoky quartz and natural clear quartz, conveying the dynamism and movement of cosmic matter plummeting to Earth.

Warm light emanates through the naturally uncut crystals, providing a dramatic glow through dimmable LED technology.

Dimensions: W15 L180 H15 CM | W15 L210 H15 CM
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CHRISTOPHER BOOTS Born 1979, Christopher Boots is driven by a love of nature and light with a commitment to nothing short of excellence. Trained in Industrial Design, Boots’ focus is creating lighting, interpreted as sculptural objects. Boots look to classical and metaphysical worlds, honoring elegant proportions, precise details, and a highly developed sculptural sense; along the journey suggesting mythical ideas about creation and change. He is a dedicated craftsman, s... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7