Modulated Infusions

Infusion sculptures are made by using the Italian-trained techniques of layering and banding multiple colored bubbles of glass as a way to generate washes of sensuous, painterly color in a kiln-cast solid mass. Jamie invented a process to create these sculptures, beginning by creating the colored motifs as bubbles of blown glass that are transformed into groups of solid-glass, which are finally cast into blocks and carved and polished into the final shape. So much of the fabrication of these pieces is invested in the science of prediction: anticipating how the color of a bubble blown at the furnace will dilute days later when cast as a solid object, forecasting how fields will distort and move as elements are joined in the casting. These pieces are stop-motion reinterpretations of the traditional Italian-glass “incalmo” format, tracking in place the flowing movement of molten glass, capturing the subtle gradation from a whisper of transparent color to a saturated intensity.

Dimensions: W35 D10 H48 CM
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Jamie Harris Jamie Harris is a glass artist and designer, based in New York City. A graduate of Brown University, Jamie went on to train in glassmaking with many Italian and American master glassblowers. Jamie has been designing and producing his own work since 1998. Early on in his career, Jamie began turning away from his technical explorations of design and craft and began to approach his glass sculptural work more from a painterly perspective than as a traditional gla... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7