The "UNTITLED" is a mesmerizing sculpture made of white Australian Limestone. The sculpture captivates the viewer with its tall, slim, and conceptual design. Standing gracefully at a height of approximately two meters, this sculptural masterpiece exudes an aura of elegance and introspection.

Handcrafted in Australia meticulously by Steve Clark, the sculpture features a slender and elongated form, showcasing the artist's mastery in capturing the essence of minimalism and abstraction. The smooth, pristine surface of the white Australian Limestone adds to the sculpture's allure, emphasizing the purity and tranquility of its design.

Dimensions: Dia60 H200 CM
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Steven John Clark Dubai Collectional

STEVEN JOHN CLARK From stonemasonry to embroidery, football and sculpture, for Steven John Clark, it was an unconventional path that eventually led to founding Melbourne-based studio denHolm. This cross-disciplinary experience has been fundamental to the development and refinement of Steven’s creative practice, and to the success of denHolm. The studio is named after the small Scottish town of Denholm, population 600, where Steven was born and raised. He reflects that hi... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7