OBJ-03 Table Lamp

Obj-03 is born from a sheet of paper, a gesture, a cut, and a fold. The cut, once folded, allows the sheet to stand on its own, without falling, and in turn serves as a screen to receive the light. The led stripe is hidden on the back and contained in a solid steel bar. The weight of this part is essential to give stability to the lamp. Thus, all the parts fulfill an indispensable function for the object.
The idea was to design a lamp with the minimum possible elements and a single material, steel. The lamp is composed of a square of 18 gauge sheet metal and on its back, a solid machined steel bar that contains the led lighting. I decided to oxidize the entire lamp to make it matte so that the light reflection would be soft and diffused.

Dimensions: W10 H43 L43 CM
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MANU BAÑÓ Manu Bañó was born in valencia, Spain in 1990. after studying industrial design at UCH CEU university in Valencia and a master’s degree in furniture and lighting, he joined Magnus long studio in London and collaborated in projects for central saint martins university. Then he moved to Mexico City in 2013 where he currently lives and works. His work has been exhibited in design fairs such as Design Miami/ Basel, Salone Satellite in Milan, Maison&obj... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7