OBJ-04 Modular Shelving

OBJ-04 is a modular shelving system. It starts from a steel sheet obtained in commercial format to which only several laser cuts are made to give it the function of displaying objects.
It is made of hot rolled steel, which is left raw without eliminating scratches or defects resulting from its manufacture and can grow in any direction, vertically and horizontally, as much as desired. You can display objects or leave the shelf empty as a sculptural piece, eliminating its practical function and increasing its aesthetic ambition.

Dimensions: One Module W40 H100 L50 CM | Four Modules W40 H100 L200 CM
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MANU BAÑÓ Manu Bañó was born in valencia, Spain in 1990. after studying industrial design at UCH CEU university in Valencia and a master’s degree in furniture and lighting, he joined Magnus long studio in London and collaborated in projects for central saint martins university. Then he moved to Mexico City in 2013 where he currently lives and works. His work has been exhibited in design fairs such as Design Miami/ Basel, Salone Satellite in Milan, Maison&obj... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7