Penta Armchair Armless

The Penta Armchair Armless, designed by Herve Langlais, is a high-quality piece of solid oak piece with a soft finish. This armless version of the Penta Armchair is designed to be sleek and minimalist, making it a perfect addition to modern living spaces.
The Penta Armchair Armless is part of a numbered edition, meaning it is a limited edition piece that has been individually numbered for authenticity. This adds to the value and exclusivity of the chair, making it an excellent investment for collectors and design enthusiasts.
Limited Edition

Dimensions: W60 L87 H70 CM
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Hervé Langlais Hervé Langlais is both an architect and designer of note. After training at the Normandy School of Architecture, he was for over 15 years the close colleague of international architect Paul Andreu. Notable collaborations include the National Centre for the Performing Arts of Beijing, the Shanghai Oriental Art Centre, Roissy Airport and numerous other high-profile projects in France and abroad. From 2012 to 2020 he is the artistic director of the Negropontes... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7