Sparks Suspension Light

Moved by wind or through human touch, the poised metal chimes sway with elegant fluidity. When they collide with one another, they resonate and produce bursts of light reminiscent of sparks. As these sparks emerge, they gracefully follow the trajectory of the chimes' collisions, their movement oscillating back and forth in synchrony with the crisp, melodic sound emanating from the installation.
This artistic creation stands as a minimalist representation of the genesis of essential human senses. Here, the origins of sound and the warm glow of sparks are found in the simple yet profound act of objects colliding with one another. Within this kinetic light installation, the transformative power of collision becomes palpable. It is as if the energy from each collision is harnessed and channelled, manifesting as both visible light and audible sound. Yet, as time passes, this energy gradually dissipates, leaving behind a lingering sense of wonder and contemplation.
Edition of 20

Dimensions: W253.5 D75 H111 CM
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Born in Hubei, China, Mario Tsai's journey traces from a humble countryside upbringing to emerging as one of the country's most promising creators. Upon graduating from Beijing Forestry University's College of Materials Science and Technology, Tsai started as a furniture engineer, and in 2014, he founded his namesake studio. His meticulous exploration of materials, contemporary technology, and traditional know-how yields ingenious creations that swiftly garner recognition ... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7